Keeping track of your spending as an exchange student

It’s been a month and a half since I first ventured out into living in Copenhagen as an exchange student. Over this time, I’ve myself struggled with managing my personal finances despite building out extensive spreadsheets that would only require me to plop in a few numbers as time went on. I’ve also spoken to many other exchange students who have crumbled and given up with managing their spending while studying (or travelling). Continue reading

The rise of Adblock – How your favourite websites are being destroyed

We all hate them… some pop out, some are plastered on the corner of your favourite website and others are placed in other areas. Yes, I am referring to ads. However, with the creation of easy to install, Adblock and Adblock Plus, ads are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Recently, Adblock Plus released a new version of the extension, specifically for mobile. With the rise of mobile (yes, mobile has now surpassed desktop), this poses a significant threat on top of the existing nuisance for publishers that ad-blocking extensions bring about. Continue reading

High school or post-secondary Student? Three reasons entrepreneurship is the right choice for you this summer

If you’re a high school or post-secondary student, you’ve probably heard about the concept of entrepreneurship but never ventured deeply into it. You have heard of numerous reasons of why entrepreneurship isn’t the best option right now: it is too risky, it takes too much time, you may fall into debt, your social life will suffer, and the list goes on. In fact, I used to think the same way – I spent my summers throughout high school in summer school getting ahead of credits, working as a stock boy at a large retailer, eventually moving into a corporate job the first chance that I got once I began university. Continue reading