A trick to navigating a new country without Internet

Landing in Europe

Since arriving in Europe about four months ago, I’ve had the opportunity to explore 12 countries and over 24 cities to date. Travelling has allowed me to learn about difficult cultures, experience new activities, and make countless friends. However, when I first arrived to Europe and began to travel, it was a bit difficult to navigate my way around, especially since everything looked so different than North America. It took me a while to get used to travelling and figuring out maps, cities, and how everything works in general. But, through the friends I’ve made, I’ve found out a useful method for navigating a new country without access to internet that makes it really easy. Continue reading

Keeping track of your spending as an exchange student

It’s been a month and a half since I first ventured out into living in Copenhagen as an exchange student. Over this time, I’ve myself struggled with managing my personal finances despite building out extensive spreadsheets that would only require me to plop in a few numbers as time went on. I’ve also spoken to many other exchange students who have crumbled and given up with managing their spending while studying (or travelling). Continue reading