Trying to find your traction channel? Think through market and model first

Startups live and die by growth. Growth is comprised of many factors, which can be boiled down to: acquiring new users who find value in your product, and making sure they stick around actively lovin’ it (perhaps, this explains McDonald’s jingle). Once a company is finished the first few iterations of their product and has found initial product-market fit, whereby their product is serving a market that has a need for it, the next step is doubling down on acquisition. Which brings us to the need to find your traction channel.  Continue reading

Still buying TV ads? First max out digital

Not everyone is accepting it but the state of traditional media is rapidly drifting away as we now live in a world where nearby, if not all, marketing actions can be quantified. Watching sports on television has declined by 10% and movies and other programs has dropped by an even steeper 13%. People are still consuming media and content, it’s just not by the same means – there are less eyeballs on TV, and more eyeballs on digital channels now. Continue reading

High school or post-secondary Student? Three reasons entrepreneurship is the right choice for you this summer

If you’re a high school or post-secondary student, you’ve probably heard about the concept of entrepreneurship but never ventured deeply into it. You have heard of numerous reasons of why entrepreneurship isn’t the best option right now: it is too risky, it takes too much time, you may fall into debt, your social life will suffer, and the list goes on. In fact, I used to think the same way – I spent my summers throughout high school in summer school getting ahead of credits, working as a stock boy at a large retailer, eventually moving into a corporate job the first chance that I got once I began university. Continue reading